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As one of the leading excavation companies servicing Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, Newcastle Excavations offers a diverse repertoire  of  excavation, demolition and earthmoving services for both residential builds and commercial clients.

Regardless of the size, any job big or small, you are guaranteed the same level of excellence from the shovel into the ground to the last load into the truck. Our team of professional operators have years of experience servicing the city of Newcastle and surrounding rural areas in NSW.  

Our team of fully licensed operators are well equipped with everything you need to ensure your experience with us runs smoothly. After years of experience in the region we have built strong connections with the local council to ensure all of our operations run smoothly in perfect accordance local laws. Also giving us an insight into maintaining harmony within the community that surrounds each of our worksites.

We also operate through a network of local business and tradies whom we often pick up the phone and call to cover any additional services that may be required unexpectedly. As in many occasions you need more or you need to fix something, having close connections in the broader industry enables us quick solutions at much more affordable prices compared with outsourcing to independent contractors.


We take pride in our values of punctuality and reliability which is reflected in the mindset and actions of all our operators to ensure you have a 5 star experience.



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From small detail excavations such as trenching or pool excavations to large scale commercial developments, no matter the type of job we have you covered. Our gallery ranges from 1.7 tonnes mini excavators up to heavy duty 30 tonnes commercial excavators.  

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Make an explosive start to every renovation/new build project. We use state of the art demolition techniques equipped with the most advanced hardware in the industry to provide the best quality Demolition Services in Newcastle. 


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Site Preparation

Equipment Hire

Need to clear the way for your brand new building project? We'll transform your space into the perfect conditions for beginning any type of construction. From foundation excavation to waste removal and site clearing, your site will be fully prepared for your builders and workers to walk right in and set up shop.

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View our extensive range of excavators, mini excavators, specialised attachments, bobcats and tipper trucks. From lightweight precision work to heavy duty lift and loading. We offer the most competitive pricing from a variety of leading brands in the industry.


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Qualified Professionals

We have a vast repertoire of excavation and earthmoving services enabling us to be your go to contractor for all your earthwork needs. Saving you time and money our management team makes sure to schedule each piece of machinery and operator so that you’ll have exactly what you want precisely when you need. From standard residential construction excavation such as trenching, land clearing, footings/foundations, pool excavations, subdivision/battle axe blocks to larger commercial/civil works such as earth retention, large scale demolition, site levelling, rock and clay removal and bulk excavation.

We know every job is different and comes with many combinations of tasks are equipment requirements. Reach out to us as soon as possible so that our management can help you organise a perfectly tailored solution to your specific excavation needs. If you’re worried about the cost of the operation or require an in depth understanding of what we can offer we are eager to speak on the phone and provide you with an obligation free accurately estimated quote. By doing so you will have a clear outline of what to expect and might discover alternative methods to achieving your envisioned goal. Whether you’re calling for a service tomorrow or lining up a future prospect our team is more than happy to help you with all your needs.

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Excavation is the first crucial step in all building and construction projects. Everyone knows that you build a building from the ground up and that a solid foundation is essential to a strong and longstanding structure. In order for the foundations to be properly placed we first need to demolish any preexisting structure, clear the land, and safely follow all site preparation procedures.

Overseeing a new building project can be tricky as it requires managing many different professionals and services, which need to be scheduled and completed often under a certain deadline. 


By choosing Newcastle Excavations, you’ll have a very experienced and competent team of licensed professionals at your disposal to carry out all your excavation and earthmoving requirements in a safe and timely fashion. So you can continue to keep your plan with a great start under your belt.  

From the experience of working in wide variety of worksites  throughout most suburbs in Newcastle, we know that many projects require a labour force with specialised skills and expertise to guarantee safety and the integrity of surrounding premises.


All our excavation contractors have undergone strict screening in the employment process and are held up to the highest safety standards following SafeWork NSW guidelines, to ensure a safe working environment for our clients and our personnel.

For more information of these specific laws and the code of practice our personnel follow diligently (see clauses 304 - 306 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017).

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Affordable Rates

Over the last decade Newcastle has seen steady growth and an increase in housing development. With new building projects popping up all around the city this has encouraged new companies to rise from the dust to tackle the ever increasing demands on the industry. We embrace this new competition while keeping an eye on the going rates to be certain we offer the most reasonable price for the quality of service we provide.

Bulk Excavation Newcastle
Demolition Services Newcastle

The satisfaction of our customers is our prime concern. We understand the vast expenditures of construction and renovation, offering our customers the most affordable excavation services at a high quality. Our excellent work for fair pay approach always leaves our clients well taken care of. By exceeding the expectations of our customers with our low rates and excellent results we’ve been able to grow as a business, building trust in our local communities. Through the confidence we build in our clients we have accumulated many regular customers over the years. This consistency in performance we hope to share with you in the near future.

Before any work can begin on each new worksite we always conduct a full land inspection to evaluate the quality and consistency of the sedimentary layers. We need to properly identify all subterranean matter, whether it be piping, electrical wires or other essential property to guarantee the safety to our operators and for all your assets. This initial examination also gives us an insight into whether or not you’ll require additional equipment, for example more heavy duty machinery in the case of dealing with protruding bedrock. In any case we provide a detailed consultation if and when any unexpected obstacles arise. Luckily most of the layered beds in the Hunter Valley are made up of fine grained chert, consisting of grey shales and sandstone often making it child’s play for our excavators.


Very professional team, would definitely use them again in the future. Thanks guys. 

- Andy, Mayfield

Absolutely love Newcastle Excavations, Tim was such an easygoing and yet efficient tradesman. He said he could dig it and he did!!

- Gracie. E, Kooragang

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