Giving you an explosive start to all renovation and knockdown build-up construction projects, Newcastle Excavations has the most up to date heavy duty demolition equipment and methods to provide you with the highest quality demolition service in Newcastle.

Controlled Demolition

 With an extensive history of operations Newcastle Excavations demolition services accommodates all kinds of jobs. From a standard residential house demolition through to a full multi story commercial building controlled demolition. Demolition work can be a loud and dangerous task, especially when dealing with old unpredictable structures, you can be at ease as our fully ticketed and licensed operators have years of experience dealing safely with all types of demolition jobs.

Often when working in the suburbs our operators find themselves working in confined environments, sometimes within close proximity with neighbouring properties or borders/fences. Our team welcomes the most daring demolition projects. Through the use of our mini excavators our team can perform precise demolitions without endangering surrounding structures. 


Once hired, your project begins with an assessment of the property and making all the arrangements with local city council permits to prevent any work stoppages due to infringements on local or state legislation. Our project manager will proceed to compile all work activities outlining each step of the demolition process. Selecting the most appropriate equipment from our fleet to ensure the most efficient, safe and controlled demolition. The entirety of our demolition operations will be performed attentively to ensure the structural integrity of all surrounding properties and structures that are to be left in tact. Our management and operators have plenty of experience working smoothly with any additional teams you have hired on site, keeping you updated and informed throughout the entire duration of the project. Once we have a well established deadline we assure you that all our jobs are completed within this timeframe while also keeping within you budget.

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