We are proud to be leaders in the industry in Newcastle providing a plethora of masterful excavation and earthmoving services from residential to civil and commercial construction throughout the city. Any job, big or small, we have the perfect equipment and expertly trained mini excavation operators to carry out all your requirements.

Residential Services

Whether you're renovating, building out an extension on the house or knocking down an old house to prepare for a new build we have you covered with options prepared to deal with anything thats under the ground. If you need to remove a pesky old tree stump taking up a quarter of your backyard we offer fast and cheap tree stump removal. If you’re digging out a pool in the backyard we can excavate a site for you with fibreglass or concrete options. If you require trenching to lay down new pipes for the toilet in the new bungalow out back, we can offer you mini excavators that can run down narrow corridors so don’t have to worry about repainting the side of your house or repairing the neighbours fence. Often in residential builds access to the site is really limited, so in these cases we even crane one of our mini excavators directly onto the site.

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If you are feeling inspired to save on your water bill by fitting out a water tank we can easily put that underground for you or at least clear a neat space for it to slide into without a worry. (Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re interested in water tank installation as we work in tandem with a local company installing premium tanks).  We also offer driveway excavation for your easy access to the new garage or if you plan to pave an area in the garden we have the expertise to cover you. Our machinery is very versatile and overcome all kinds of height restrictions and obstacles arising from the slope of the land. We also offer landscaping services such as tree clearing, vegetation management, earth levelling for lawn rollout, rock breaking and removal.

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