Site Preparation

Have you just acquired property? Did the previous landowner graciously  leave you all of his all of his waste all over the place. Before you can start on any project you have envisioned the first task is to clear all obstacles, hard rubbish, green waste, overgrown vegetation, ruins to be demolished, uneven ground, boulders protruding from under the earth, or areas of hard clay preventing a solid foundation. These are just a handful of conditions that we face on a regular basis before we start our site preparation work on an upcoming construction site. Newcastle excavations should be your first port of call for site preparation when planning a new construction. 

Site Preparation

Newcastle excavations site preparation services include everything from fine detailed excavations, piping trenches to multi story underground parking commercial bulk excavation projects.
Our teams tackle all kind of jobs from relatively smaller residential builders to top tier commercial construction operations. We cover excavating in preparation for cement foundations, land clearing and earth levelling for clean slates to build from. Are you planning on subdividing a block or creating a battle axe block? If you require additional materials such as different kinds of soil for landscaping, gravel, rocks, sand, you name it. We have a fleet of tipper trucks to hire and have material wholesale connections to transport any material you may require directly on site. 

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Waste Removal Hire

Newcastle excavations offers inventive site remediation services with exceptional standards. We are very focused on maintaining the integrity and natural purity of the environment. Therefore we are very diligent at managing a variety of different site and soil contamination scenarios such as providing the treatment of solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and asbestos.
In cleaning up contaminated sites we follow strict safety guidelines while monitoring and controlling dust and debris, odour and excessive noise output.

When it comes to more common waste removal we still take the disposal of all waste in a responsible manner very seriously so as to have the smallest impact on the environment. For green waste we have a mulching outlet which recycles the waste to be used in compost fertilising. As for building materials and other hard rubbish we dispose in nearby registered recycling compounds for salvaging and converting into new materials.  

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